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Perfect Score Watch Version 5 for the LSAT Exam

$ 43.99

Perfect Score Watch Version 5 for the LSAT Exam
Perfect Score Watch Version 5 for the LSAT Exam Perfect Score Watch Version 5 for the LSAT Exam

$ 43.99

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New Re-Designed Version 5 With Larger Face and Upgraded Internal Movement & Free Expedited Shipping!  

If using this watch would result in another 1-2 points on the LSAT, is it worth it?

We believe the answer is a resounding yes and the Perfect Score Watch makes that possible.  

The Perfect Score Watch V5 is an analog wristwatch designed specifically for the LSAT by a team of Law School Students who took the LSAT and saw a need for better time management on test day. The Perfect Score Watch enables test takers to manage their time and maximize their score potential, helping students get to those extra few questions which can make all the difference in today's competitive environment.

Now immediately available and off of backorder! 

Cost Effective: Chances are you have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on preparing for the LSAT - - classes, tutoring, practice tests, online or in-person courses. Most students neglect focusing on the pace and timing for the test, which is one of the most important pieces of maximizing your potential LSAT score.  

LSAT Specific Timing: The LSAT is comprised of five 35 minute sections. The Perfect Score Watch allows the test taker to ensure they are on pace for each section. The 35 minutes is broken down into four different colors that represent the four logic games / reading comprehension passages so that test takers know exactly what game/passage they should be working on during the test and do not lose track of time within any given section.   

LSAC Compliant: The Perfect Score watch meets all LSAC requirements for test day and is ideal for both practicing for and taking the LSAT for real. This watch is custom designed for the LSAT and is entirely analog with no digital component.