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What is the Perfect Score Watch?

Worried you will run out of time on the LSAT? Want to improve your score? The Perfect Score Watch was designed by current law students who wanted to find a better way of tracking time on the LSAT Exam. With each section in mind, they set out and created a watch that can be used during practice, and on the exam itself. Hundreds of students have their score cancelled by bringing a disallowed watch to the exam. Read on to see how the Perfect Score Watch will help improve your score.

Benefits of the Perfect Score Watch

Allowed by the LSAC

LSAC is very strict on what you can and cannot bring into the exam room. To your right is a screenshot form the LSAC website, and as you can see they are very specific on what type of watch you cant bring into the exam room. Don't risk having your score revoked. Take the test in confidence with a watch that is custom designed for the exam and is entirely analog with no digital component.
Allowed by the LSAC
Relieves Stress and Anxiety on Test Day

Relieves Stress and Anxiety on Test Day

No need to solve math problems in your head to figure out how much time is left in each section. Most exam rooms don't have a wall clock and the proctor is only required to give a five-minute warning. The Perfect Score Watch lets you concentrate on what's important: Your LSAT. Using the four color coded sections as a guide, you will be able to see how much time is left in each section so that you can adjust your pace to get to as many questions as possible and make every second count!

Why hundreds of students buy this watch...

Cost Effective

Chances are you have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on preperation materials and classes. Many people neglect putting focus on the pace and timing for the test, which is one of the most important pieces of maximizing your potential score.

LSAT Specific Timing

The LSAT is comprised of five 35 minute sections. The Perfect Score Watch allows the test taker to ensure they are on pace for each section. The 35 minutes is broken down into four different colors that represent the four logic games / reading comprehension passages.

LSAC Compliant

The Perfect Score watch meets all LSAC requirements and is ideal for both practice and to use in a test taking environment.

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Perfect Score Watch Version 5 for the LSAT Exam
Perfect Score Watch Version 5 for the LSAT Exam Perfect Score Watch Version 5 for the LSAT Exam
Free Shipping! Comes with an LSAT test kit with two LSAC approved number 2 pencils and a specialized eraser.

Testimonials from Perfect Score Watch Users

I highly recommend this watch to all of my students. Best money you can spend to prepare for the LSAT.

– Matthew Jordan, TestMasters LSAT Instructor

This watch helped me focus on test content rather than timing and allowed me to get to more questions on test day.

– Faren Silverman, Tulane Law Student

Each of our members receives a perfect score watch and we highly recommend it to all students preparing for the LSAT.

– Lilianna Nguyen, Georgetown Pre-Law Society President

Higher quality watch than expected and I actually used the two pencils and eraser that came with it. A nice bonus.

– Laura Sullivan, Stanford Law Student

Shipped quickly and no problems. The pencils and eraser were a nice touch too.

– Ashley Hammour, Pre-Law Student, UCF

Timing is everything. As a tutor for the LSAT, I think this is the best $$ spent on LSAT preparation for most students.

– Michael Hines, PowerScore Prep